XD Creative Jam #MadeWithAdobeXD Project:
The theme was "Travel"

This was my first attempt at designing a mobile app using prototyping software. I completed this project in 16 hours. Thanks Adobe for the opportunity to preview this app!
Tailored Travels operates similarly to Songza, where it asks the user specific questions to tailor a unique experience just for them. Like UrbanSpoon the user depends on ratings and reviews from others to help guide their choices on where they decide to visit when they are abroad. Much like Waze there are in-app rewards such as a point system which encourages the user to to stay involved in the app's community and also contribute.
Interaction Map

Adobe hosted their first ever 3 day live stream conference at http://twitch.tv/adobe this past March 15th,16th and 17th to celebrate Experience Design. #MadewithAdobeXd 
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